“Orgonautic” live at Main Station

Cool place, this Kultursalon in the Main Station. Custom-made for a troupe like “Orgonautic” and their heavily loungy bar-sound. According to rumours, there was wild dancing during the release-party of their first demo-CD a couple of months ago at the small, subcultural south-central living room “Katana18”. This time however, sitting still and listening is the word of the day, working at least as good with this softly rocking electro-pop project with almost poetical claims. The young Nuremberg trio locates itself in the no-man’s land between mystical trip-hop and dark ambient atmospheres, speaking of “painting impressionist soundscapes” in their band-info. Nothing to add on that. The lofty soundscapes with their charming 90ies-list conjure up reminiscences of the “Faithless”- and Madonna-productions from these days. Above all, the coming together of Alex Nym’s spoken and rapped lyrics with the soft singing of Doro Beyler knows to score. In addition to that, Christian Preunkert, the lord of sampler and sequencer, solely conjures up the music, adding a descreet rock guitar. The arrangements are well-rounded, the songs are snappy, their appearance is professional all the way through. A much-promising troupe you may keep an eye on!

Stefan Gnad

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