Space Times, Vol. 23/05, p. 17

ORGONAUTIC @ The debut

SpaceTimeCoordinates: Kunst- und Kurhaus Katana, 050604
Soundtracks of the Soul
by our correspondent Moffat Hemmung-Guetekreis

The living-room-sized exhibition-room of the Katana-Art-Klan was jam-packed. Outside the glass front, the day slowly withdrew from urban activity while inside the club, for the first time there was a flower of electronic music blooming on stage, brightly outshining the setting sun: introduced as “something quite new” by katanist chieftain Boris Hagel, the project ORGONAUTIC kept far more than what the announcement promised. Ambient sounds of ethereal beauty as well as gloomy and throbbing depths, bombastic rhythms and bubbling sequencer loops like in the best days of “Tangerine Dream” rumble from the speakers, conjure up inner worlds and enchant the spellbound audience. You could actually grasp it: music is magic, and this one works electronically. The well-paced spoken words of lyricist Alexander Nym supply composer Christian Preunkert’s acoustic delicacies with scat attacks bearing an evocative component reminiscent of spells, but prose as well as the classic song are featured in the “orgonaut’s” repertoire. Should the reader by now feel uncertain about this writer’s neutrality, he has to affirm his partiality, for the eight pieces from these border crossers between spoken-word and ambient electro-pop have fogged his senses and brainwashed him; he avows to having been converted. Nevertheless, the stage presence of Nym and the vocal powers of singer Doro Beyler are beyond criticism. Boris Hagel had been right: This was indeed something completely new.


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