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Hello Earth!
We’re back — and bringing you a complete album: SOLAR SYSTEM.
Yes! It’s true, just read on.

To be honest, we never left, it just appeared that way.
Possibly because YOU didn’t pay close enough attention!

In order to catch up, here’s a brief summary of what the Orgonauts have been up to recently. While you’re reading this, why don’t you download our latest full time album SOLAR SYSTEM here. (https://soundcloud.com/orgonautic/sets/solarsystem)

The majestic hymn to the Sun (aptly titled SOL) also happens to be the opener of the compilation AU BOUT DU MONDE, a tribute to famous writer and SF pioneer Jules Verne. Joining us are friends and colleagues such as Tony Wakeford (SOL INVICTUS), Andréa Nebel (HAGALAZ RUNEDANCE) and MARS. (Similarities to a planet – and subsequently song – of that same name on SOLAR SYSTEM are of course purely coincidental) The initial physical edition of 50 copies is long gone, but you may find the digital version for download and some free streaming here (https://verney1826.bandcamp.com/album/au-bout-du-monde-the-jules-verne-compilation).

Another compilation (also sold out) we’re featured on was “Musik für Eingeweide” (Music for entrails) #2, SUPER MAO LAND. The song we selected was SATURN, a New-Wave/80s pop hymn representing the classic “single” from the SOLAR SYSTEM album (again: downloadable here FOR FREE). Other artists featured include our experimental/electronic allies GERECHTIGKEITS LIGA, DOGPOP, ZERO DEGREE, DEUTSCH NEPAL and M.A.O., among others.

Completing the triad of compilations is the commemorative DDR 60, a sampler celebrating the 60th anniversary of the GDR. Our contribution INTERCOSMOS honours East-German cosmonaut and first German in space, Sigmund Jähn, and wraps up the album as closing track. Other styles featured include EBM, martial/ritual industrial, post-New Beat and more. The limited edition [100 copies] CD album comes with a DVD size booklet and is available directly from the label VEB89 (http://veb89.org/2014/10/07/ddr60/) and can be ordered through info[at]VEB89.org

However, our highest ranking achievement is of course the third full ORGONAUTIC album SOLAR SYSTEM which complements the previous outings and completes the narrative arch of man’s ascendence from the depths of tribal consciousness to
space exploration. SOLAR SYSTEM is a voyage to the planets earth is surrounded by, and renders both their mythical qualities as well as their physical ones audible. Music, lyrics and sound effects take the listener on a journey through space and the encounters it holds. This album is the crowning achievement of ORGONAUTIC’s sonic exploration so far, and whether or not it will be followed by mission reports from beyond the confines of earth’s own SOLAR SYSTEM has yet to be decided.


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