– 110102 –

Dear friends & fans of Orgonautic,

We have celebrated the changing of the years producing a brand new 4-track Mini-Album by the name of “THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HAROLD LOMOND” for free download at your convenience. If you like Harold’s life story, please express your gratitude by leaving feedback at one of the Orgo-interfaces; Harold would certainly appreciate it immensely!
Since myspace has become more of a nuisance, we’ve expanded our online presence to include other, more exciting platforms — check them out, it’s worthwhile not only for free Orgo-stuff, but there’s plenty of interesting music & bands to be discovered:

Orgonautic on

We wish you all a happy new year and hope you’ll find it exciting and satisfying; please stay healthy and may your desires be fulfilled!

A. Nym & CHP for ORGONAUTIC, 110102

100521 – WGT 2010

– 100507 –

Worthy fellow orgonauts,

we’re happy about our upcoming gig at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig — everyone present who’d like to celebrate with us is welcome to see us live on Friday, May 21st at 20.00 hrs (Doors: 7pm) in the Moritzbastei — and listen to brand new, yet unpublished songs. One of the new tracks is available for your listening pleasure as free download file: FEED THE DEMON

There is no intention to feature Demon on any upcoming release; it will only be available as mp3 soundfile on our website.
A few additional new tracks are featured on the 4-track-EP “Celestial Bodies” which is going to be sold at the WGT-concert. The edition is limited to 50 copies, and the full album “Solar System” won’t be available before fall/winter 2010. We will offer the remaining copies of “Celestial Bodies” to friends and fans (i.e. the receivers of this newsletter 😉 through our webshop, as long as supplies last an in the order in which we receive your reservations, which are taken HERE.

Besides, there’s an exclusive event taking place in Erlangen/ Germany, offering a unique opportunity to catch us live. Please contact us for details if you’re intending to attend, as this will be a non-public gathering.

Also, ORGONAUT Nym has just completed work on an historical book about the Dark Underground Culture (often irritatingly referred to as the “Gothic” scene), depicting its inception & development as well as certain discourses from the POVs of almost 70 contributors, including notorious heroes like Genesis Breyer-P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV), Klive Humberstone (In The Nursery), John Murphy (Knifeladder, ex-SPK and many others) and lots of journalists, authors and scientists from the field. For those who don’t read German, “Schillerndes Dunkel” offers unseen full colour-artworks from Laibach, Nik Fiend and other artists as well as hundreds of b/w-fotographs, many of which are published here for the first time.
Please not that we do not accept book orders through this site; if you want to order it (for 58 Euros instead of 68,- from May 20th) please do so HERE.

Besides the ORGO-Gig, there’ll also be a free event to celebrate the book release (accessible also for non-WGT-visitors) on Sunday May 23rd, 11 am at the Sixtina featuring recitals, presentations and a gig of our friends Tonal Y Nagual. Later the same night at 1 pm, Nym will present a midnight recital of selected sinister literature from various writers.

With heartfelt greetings,

(CHP & Nym)

ORGONAUTIC webwide on LastFM!

– 091224 –

Hello dear friends of ORGONAUTIC,

in order to celebrate the year’s coming to a close, we’ve prepared a little gift:
The first two ORGO-3″ CDRs “Ignition” and “Liftoff“, both deleted for some time, are now available for free download.

The albums “Lagrange Point” and “Full Circle” are available from us as precious CD-editions for 10, respectively 12 Euros (plus p&p), or as a bundle for 23 Euros, including p&p. But, for the digital download generation, both albums are now available as mp3-files for 4.99 and 7.50 respectively.

We wish you all recreative holidays and a successful 2010!
Bye for now,

(Ch. Preunkert & Alexander Nym)

– 091011 –

After an eventful 6 months we’re back with the beginning of fall, at least in this hemisphere. Which, in a way, relates to the subject we’re currently working on: the planets.
An album presenting the solar system’s matter clots in treasureable acoustic-semantic renderings should be finished sometime next year. Mars, as a teaser, is already audible online here.

Our current longplayer “Full Circle” has had its premiere; images from that event are here. Also, prolific indie-platform Brainwashed has published an enthusiastic review.

As a reaction to the planetary value crisis, we’ve decided to rush to the Terrans’ aid by including postage & packaging in the complete price of 15 Euros. Those who are courageous or fanatic enough to obtain the first two ORGO-albums as a bundle only pay revolutionary 23 Euros incl. p&p. Place your order here.

In addition to that, on october 18th at 8pm CET, the retrofuturist radio play „Novel City“ (for which ORGONAUTIC composed some music and contributed Nym’s voice as the leading role) will be broadcast on old-school UHF and as internet livestream in German language. A celebratory retro-happening is going to take place in Nuremberg, Germany.

Also, 24th october 09 will see the release of a limited edition CDR-compilation commemorating the foundation of the GDR 60 years ago. Besides an exclusive ORGO-track hailing the lost utopian vision of the DEFA’s SF-film productions, the compilation, compiled by Sz. Berlin, will include Gerechtigkeits Liga, The Pain Machinery and Eva 3. Lost visions, the fate of this land.

With these news from the Orgonautic spheres we remain yours humbly,


Full Circle

Full Circle Cover

< HAL 064 >

500 copies in silver-embossed, 6-panel-digipak (includes 12-page booklet)

Price: 12€ + p&p (2€ within EU / 4€ rest of the world)


Special offer: Fight global crisis and get both “Lagrange Point” and “Full Circle” for revolutionary 23€ incl. p&p!


090520 – Cult Club